We are an award-winning practice
working on exciting projects globally.

Mangera Yvars Architects, is an international award-winning architectural design practice providing architecture, interior, landscape and master-planning services for clients worldwide.

The work of our practice ranges from architecture and urban design through to social and cultural analysis. Operating through offices in London and Barcelona, we work in all sectors including Cultural, Education, Hospitality, Commercial, Residential, Sports and Leisure. Our view of architecture is drawn from our overwhelming interest in urbanity. By this we mean what is the impact of architecture beyond the immediate and specific question of ‘the building’.

Our approach is through the idea of ‘architecture as landscape’ from which we address the key issues of our day -issues such as the changing way we live and work, our basic requirements for shelter, our desire for better urban space and our absolute need for sustainable cities. Our idea of landscape refers as much to terrain and topography as it does to demographic, social and cultural landscape, or urban phenomenon such as congestion and flow.

Gateway Gallery

Architecture shapes lives. It makes cities and places. It brings joy and disappointment too. It creates our living space and defines our past, present and future. We think architecture is much more than simple question of ‘the building’. It is a game changing phenomenon with the power to create identity and change destiny. We think each building and each project, no matter how small is impactful. And with the right approach, architecture can create dialogue leading to better, more inclusive communities where development and investment enhances lives and benefits all stakeholders.

Working with governments, institutional investors, corporations and private clients, we create architecture through critical thinking supported by social and cultural analysis underpinned by research and data. Our design process often leads us to question the myths that shape our cities, yet our steadfast aim is to unlock potential and extract value. Reconsidering our interaction with buildings and inventing new and unexpected uses, we are keen to develop smarter buildings and sustainable cities delivered within an economic and social development framework that powers communities and contributes to nation building. Architecture is not a zero-sum game because we can all be winners.

A key aim of our studio is to create inclusive cities which are open and accessible to all.

Global & Local

Avondale Park by MYAA, Mangera Yvars Architects

We work globally in all sectors and our approach is based on developing schemes that are sensitively designed through social and cultural analysis. Our approach is never generic and instead we seek solutions that emerge from their local context, helping to provide a sense of identity and place. In this respect we are not talking about nations or even cities, but rather fragments of cities, urban districts, neighbourhoods and streets.

But our approach also addresses the needs of contemporary society, leading us to seek innovative and bold ideas that are global in nature. Key globally inspired solutions include the need for sustainable development or the reinvention of urban forms and typology through detailed analysis or the creation of human-centric spaces that for physical and psychological.