Eco Hotels 1
Al Qatrun, Libya

Our Al Qatrun Eco-Hotel is located near an abandoned city in the southern Sahara, close to the boarder with Niger.
The old city ruins are incorporated into the 2400 mEco-Hotel concept.
Like a butterfly, the Eco-Hotel is a mirror to Old City and a reflection of Libya´s past.
The schemes were inspired by concepts for the desert citadel, dune, rock and oasis.
The citadel scheme is based on existing Libyan housing cluster typologies. The scheme consists of modular hotel rooms each with a separate courtyard space.



The arrangement is loose, with unconditioned routes providing access to hotel rooms. The service functions are placed in larger contained volumes which comprise of the hotel lobby, restaurant facilities and the spa.
The citadel is conceived as a stand alone scheme but can equally fit into a context of existing buildings and ruins which are scattered across the Libyan landscape. The relationship of new with old can be explored in many ways: by absorption, assimilation and by axial shift.