Eco Hotels 2
Al Qatrun, Libya

Our Al Qatrun Eco-Hotel is located near an abandoned city in the southern Sahara, close to the boarder with Niger.
The old city ruins are incorporated into the 2400 m2 Eco-Hotel concept.
Like a butterfly, the Eco-Hotel is a mirror to Old City and a reflection of Libya´s past.
The schemes were inspired by concepts for the desert citadel, dune, rock and oasis.
The oasis scheme consists of room clusters with in-between “oasis” space. The scheme allows for “organic” growth, where “branches” of the hotel can be added, removed or reorganised over time.



The arrangement is similar to that of a nodal city, where oasis branches represent highways and infrastructure. The rooms act as destinations, they are “podular” and prefabricated to improve comfort levels and reduce assembly time whilst the ‘branches could be either mobile canopy structures or more robust adobe and timber fixed structures. The layout of the scheme and the proximity of rooms suggest a more communal campsite feel.
The oasis scheme can also act as a “balloon station”, where selected rooms are tethered to fly away and provide views over the Libyan desert.