Sochi Masterplan

Seafront Sochi

Sochi, Russia

The city of Sochi is defined is defined by its magnificent natural landscape, an abundance of green spaces within the city and the close relationship the city has with nature and the sea. It is Sochi’s natural landscape and its proximity to the sea that helped establish the city an historic destination for health and wellness.

Our proposal for the Sochi waterfront uses the city’s Arboretum as the generator of the scheme. Our proposal extends the landscape of the Arboretum over the seafront to create the iconic Floating Gardens of Sochi which will become the centrepiece for the new ecological city. The Floating gardens will comprise of leisure, business and public realm functions and will be the catalyst for the development of the Sochi’s waterfront area. The scheme is seen as a first step in creating a green ring around the city which will extend into the hinterland of Sochis natural park and create a new public amenity for the city. Sochi’s new seafront will become Russia’s First Smart Eco City, powered by renewable energy it will become a global landmark that will propel the Sochi into the future.

The scheme is organized in 5 distinct areas over the length of the seafront from the Morskoy Port up to the end of the site close to the Arboretum area. The project zones create many different ambiences long the length of the seafront from the quiet area of the Arboretum to busy area of the Floating Gardens as well as relaxation areas and lagoons on the beachfront. The buildings in the floating gardens are ecologically designed, absorbing C02 and helping to provide renewable energy for the project.

Master Planning