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Project Management and Project Documentation


Project Management and Project Documentation - Automated Rendering and Plans: Custom visualization tools that can process information for the production of project documentation in real time. - CAD to BIM and Data Management: Implementation of integrative modelling, collaborative workflows and cloud-based data management throughout the design process to improve quality [...]

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Think Big


Think Big The 2016 Architecture Biennale illustrates the schism between necessity and activist led architecture set against the logic of traditional modes of development. The latter we are told lends itself to a type of architecture that has been excluded from the Biennale, yet it represents the vast majority of [...]

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Post Conflict Reconstruction


Post Conflict Reconstruction Our objective is to develop a coherent approach to Post Conflict Planning and Reconstruction applicable in the Middle East context in the particular case of Syria and the City of Aleppo. Our aim is to understand and identify the mechanism and process of reconstruction and to define [...]

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Theme Park


Theme Park Disney did not invent the Theme Park. Fantasy Worlds and Wonderlands have always existed in our imagination – they are prevalent in all cultures and are there as a means to story tell, communicate, warn, educate, and inspire. Storytelling conjures up images of imaginary worlds where everything is [...]

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Heritage Cites are living breathing entities layered with opportunities, hope, dilemmas and contradictions. People’s experiences of cities have much to with their cognitive sense of place which provides the basis for their cultural awareness and their identity. Our work is informed by enduring values of authenticity, quality, imagination, responsibility and [...]




Placemaking MYAA plays a significant role in the design of Cities, Public Spaces and Buildings with the intention of creating public spaces that promote health, happiness, and wellbeing. We work at all scales – from the design and planning of small community projects to the implementation of strategic masterplans that [...]


Digital Fabrication


Digital Fabrication Working on iconic projects such as the UNESCO Sagrada Familia Cathedral, we have developed computational and parametric design techniques for digital fabrication.

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Algorithmic Design and Optimization


Algorithmic Design and Optimization - Algorithmic Design: Implementation of flexible design approaches and form finding processes to challenging projects to make smart, informed decisions based on real-time information to deliver optimal solutions. - Structural Analysis incl. FEM Analysis and Topological Optimization: Prediction of critical stress and deformation zones, minimization [...]

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Suburb Stadium


Suburb Stadium Doha, Qatar The scheme is a 45,000 capacity world cup venue stadium that will be reduced in size post tournament and turned into a retail mall. The wider stadium masterplan with provide a mix of entertainment and educational space including a science park and astronomy centre. The [...]

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Alhambra Retail


Alhambra Retail Antananarivo, Madagascar The Alhambra Twins consists of two cubic volumes one of which is a retail gallery and the other is an office block. The façade uses porous metal sheets with holes and this provides texture for the façade but also relates to the Madagascan board game [...]

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