Al Qaseem Museum 1
Al Qaseem, Saudi Arabia

The Al Qaseem Museum is located in central Saudi Arabia. The scheme takes the form of local rock formations including the rock of Nassariah.
The Hasat Al Naslah or ‘the separated rock’ is found in Oyoon Al-Jowa’, Qassim. The rock is separated from nearby cliff. The faces of the rock have ancient inscriptions including Thamoudian scripts and carvings depicting animal shapes. Folk tales suggest that Antarah Bin Shaddad and his wife Ablah, used to meet in the shade of the rock.
The Naslah option is a rock formed from a three dimensional Islamic Octagon shape. The resulting shape provides a perfectly defined geometry for ease of construction. 



Inscriptions from Hasat Al Naslah are etched onto the surface of the rock.
The internal layout of the Nasah is formed around a central courtyard. The courtyard is based on the stone and gypsum spiral watchtower from the Al-Antiriyyat, and the palace-like fort of Antar Bin Shaddad Al Absi Galleries are located on two levels around a spiral garden. The uppermost part of the rock will accommodate a viewing platform and an outdoor public garden.