Ban Qiao
Hainan Island, China

Ban Qiao is rural area with small settlements located on the western coast of Hainan Island, in southern China. The area will be transformed to become a global centre for culture and art incorporating fifty new museums and cultural institutes.
Our proposed city of Ban Qiao will create an urban grid that accommodates existing settlements and landscape patterns. Inserted into the urban grid, we have created ‘cultural islands’ with museums, workshops, cafes and cultural activities. The cultural islands are connected by  pedestrian walkways, greed routes and new tramlines.



The scheme also will incorporate the following functions:
- Literature and Music Industry District
- Banqiao Style Coastal and Traditional Tourism District
- Urban Commercial Development District
- Global Art Industry District
- Coastal Resort Industry District
- Coastal Scenic Belt
- Convention and Economy Industry District



The city will set new standards for ecological development and urban planning, aiming to become one of the most sustainable cities in Asia.
The cultural aspects of the scheme will make the development attractive for real estate development whilst precluding speculative over development, common in other Chinese cities.