Doha Pavilion
Doha, Qatar

The starfish scheme is seen as an appropriate metaphor for The Doha Arts Pavilion. The scheme relates both to the ‘stella’ and iconic aspect of modern day cinema and to Doha’s maritime tradition.
The starfish is envisaged as an open pavilion supported by ‘gallery walls’ in between starfish ‘fingers’. Ultra-thin columns will provide supplementary support where needed. One of the five starfish fingers will accommodate the cinema space with washroom facilities.
It is assumed that the Pavilion will generally not be air-conditioned except within the cinema space and at the kiosk area for staff comfort. Gallery areas can be covered with fabric to provide shade when required.




The scheme will be developed as light weight site assembled with fibreglass penalised system. Lighting will be embedded into the skin of the pavilion which will glow at night.
The Doha Arts Pavilion was developed as an idea to promote Qatari Arts and Film culture.
The Arts Pavilion will accommodate seventy cinema seats, a cafe area, washroom facilities and an area for outdoor artwork. The Pavilion will be placed in one of the many urban spaces in Doha and will act as a temporary events space. Suitable sites could include the rear of Souk Waqif, The Pearl, Lusail, and Katara amongst others.




The Pavilion could also be placed in more difficult urban settings to stimulate and provoke debate.
It is envisaged that artists both local and international will from time to time adopt the space. It is anticipated that the Pavilion will showcase art house cinema and could supplement the activities of the emerging Qatar film industry.
The Arts Pavilion has been developed as a portable scheme which can be transported by road as small sections and then assembled on site. The scheme will generally be lightweight but robust to allow for movement and assembly.