The experience of the city is completely and irrevocably linked to the idea of shopping. The significance of shopping – for necessity, entertainment or as retail therapy animates and confounds in equal measure. We turn against consumerism but yet we all consume.

What has yet to be explored though is how shopping as an urban activity can invigorate the city beyond the convenient label of regeneration


Working with leading international retailers and global brands, MYAA’s objective is to challenge how shopping with all is baggage can provoke an urban response which is more substantive than the bottom line.

But the demand and requirement for shopping is changing. Recent trends in shopping bear witness to the growing convergence of real, virtual, viral and augmented retail space. Where the eco store once took hold as an ubiquitous urban response with organo- cachet credentials, leading retailers have moved on to explore new and emerging technologies which streamline the shopping experience.

What retailers have yet to fully appreciate is the game changing impact of digital sales on the design and development of physical retail space and the redundancy that implies for the superstore hulk. Coming soon to a store near you is the shop you can’t imagine.