Transition and Permanence

The vastness of the Libyan landscape is a tabula rasa for architecture. Gone are the rules which define city as boundless enterprise and instead we are inspired by nothingness. Cites and settlements are imperceptible or dormant in the wake of the mighty Libyan Sahara.

Architecture, in its purest sense, is landscape; and landscape fulfils our most primeval instincts. Landscape and land forms, as described by artists such as Robert Smithson, are an exploration of nature and space-making. Scratch beneath the surface though and there is an eco-system - a place many call home. To ignore what there is would be a tragedy – a negation of our heritage.

In our mind, the idea of the Eco Hotel is an idea for a new type of space – a tertiary space, a place which is neither settlement nor landscape or city but both. Our concept is a discourse in the architectural sublime - a flickering mirage between the natural and artificial.