Eco Tower Corp Headquarters


Eco Tower Corp. Headquarters Calcutta, India The scheme is a low energy Eco-Tower corporate Headquarters building in India. The scheme is 26 stories high and has panoramic views over the nearby parkland. Sustainability features include the use of modular green walling incorporated into the cladding system, with a façade [...]

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Al Baha Modular Library


Modular Library Riyadh, KSA The Ministry of Education were looking to develop prototype prefabricated library buildings that can be used on different campuses and can vary in size according to requirements. The scheme has been developed as a bookshelf metaphor with individual books acting as modular components that are [...]

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Tesco Nottingham


Tesco Nottingham Nottingham, UK The 17,000m2 mixed use retail and office scheme for Nottingham Eastside has won in an international design competition. The scheme provides a dedicated ecological retail space around which creates public spaces including piazzas, a rooftop garden and community workshops. [...]

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Yinchuan Arts Hotel Studios


Yinchuan Arts Hotel Studios Yinchuan, China The scheme located in Yinchuan, Northern China next to the Yellow River Arts Centre is a Boutique Hotel combined with Artists’ Studios and artist -in-residence loggings. The two aspects of the program with two materials- timber for the hotel and loggings and concrete [...]

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Doha City Centre Phase 3


Doha City Centre Phase 3 Doha, Qatar The Mshreib scheme is a major project that consists of the redevelopment 35 hectares of central Doha. The phase 3 scheme incorporates mainly community functions including a mosque, apartments and a five star hotel. The mosque was developed as a cubic volume [...]

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UK Pavilion 2020


UK Pavilion 2020 Dubai The 2020 Expo Theme of 'Connecting Minds' is used to create a UK Pavilion held aloft on 'neurones' which transmit messages from UK schools and science programs. The scheme accommodates a range of UK invocations including Ai technology, robotics and aerospace. [...]

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Avondale Park


Avondale Park London, UK The public amenity building for The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is located in Avondale Park, Nottinghill. It provides changing facilities and a café for the nearby recreation fields. The scheme inspired by the historic potteries of the area is reflected in its conical form. These create [...]

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Villa Valldoreix


Villa Valldoreix Barcelona, Spain Villa Valldoreix is located in the hilly suburbs of Barcelona. The scheme is inspired by the landscape of the garden and the L-shaped building effectively merges with the garden, blurring the boundary between nature and contained space. The roof and floor plains of the house [...]

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Seafront Sochi


Seafront Sochi Sochi, Russia The city of Sochi is defined is defined by its magnificent natural landscape, an abundance of green spaces within the city and the close relationship the city has with nature and the sea. It is Sochi’s natural landscape and its proximity to the sea that [...]

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The Hanging Gardens


The Hanging Gardens Middle East Human habit and civilizations will always succumb to the timeless power of nature. Our approach for the residence is to develop proposals that merge human habitat with the natural landscape and to create a scheme that blurs the boundary between the natural world and [...]

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