Veena Villa


Veena Villa Bangalore, India The Rangoli house is based around the idea of a ‘rotated Rangoli’ pattern which forms the three-dimensional volume of the house and adjoining landscape. The scheme is mainly on ground and first floor levels and has the same layout as the garden house although the [...]

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Queens Hotel


Queens Hotel London, UK The refurbishment of the queens hotel is aimed at creating a high-quality boutique hotel based on an ‘Arts Hotel’ theme. The scheme includes a new mansard roof and newroom layouts on all floors providing higher quality accommodation in this beautiful grade 2 listed building. [...]

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QF Visitors Centre


Visitors Centre Doha, Qatar The scheme provides a new campus museum which is located amongst old farmhouse buildings on the Education City Campus. The form and materiality of the building is related in part to the decaying textured context of the site as well as geological formations from Qatar’s [...]

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North Harrow Cultural Centre


North Harrow Cultural Centre London, UK The 7,000m2 Community Centre project in Harrow provides Education, Exhibition and Sports facilities. The scheme also incorporates a Creative Learning Centre, Library and Conference Facilities as well as a Kindergarten. The patterned facade is inspired by the arts and crafts movement in Harrow [...]

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World Cup Stadium


World Cup Stadium Doha, Qatar The scheme is a 45,000 capacity world cup venue stadium that will be reduced in size post tournament and turned into a retail mall. The wider stadium masterplan with provide a mix of entertainment and educational space including a science park and astronomy centre. [...]

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Gateway Gallery


Gateway Gallery Antananarivo, Madagascar The eight-story retail gallery and office building in Antananarivo, Madagascar scheme is located on a triangular site with a canal on one side and a main road on the other. The scheme acts as a gateway for the wider master plan to the rear which [...]

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The Hanging Gardens


The Hanging Gardens Middle East Human habit and civilizations will always succumb to the timeless power of nature. Our approach for the residence is to develop proposals that merge human habitat with the natural landscape and to create a scheme that blurs the boundary between the natural world and [...]

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North Jeddah District


North Jeddah District Jeddah, KSA A new mixed urban district. The scheme consists 220,000m2 of luxury residencies as part of a 4million m2 masterplan. The scheme consists on 220,000 m2 of luxury residencies as part of a 4 million m2 masterplan. The first phase of the development has 9 [...]

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Hotel & Wellness Resort


Hotel & Wellness Resort Abu Dhabi 7 Stars Hotel resort consisting of a celebratory Wellness Brand hotel on a new island peninsula. The scheme also included 120 Villas, Cabins and a wildlife sanctuary on the tip of the island. The approach and methodology adopted by The Sha has received [...]

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Academy Antananarivo


Academy Antananarivo Antananarivo, Madagascar The scheme provides nearly 98,000m2 of development for a new academy in Southern Africa. The masterplan consists of a lower, middle and high school facilities with clustered dormitory accommodation. In order to minimize costs, the buildings are gereally made of earth or locally soured brick. [...]

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