Theme Park


Theme Park Disney did not invent the Theme Park. Fantasy Worlds and Wonderlands have always existed in our imagination – they are prevalent in all cultures and are there as a means to story tell, communicate, warn, educate, and inspire. Storytelling conjures up images of imaginary worlds where everything is [...]

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Heritage Cites are living breathing entities layered with opportunities, hope, dilemmas and contradictions. People’s experiences of cities have much to with their cognitive sense of place which provides the basis for their cultural awareness and their identity. Our work is informed by enduring values of authenticity, quality, imagination, responsibility and [...]




Placemaking MYAA plays a significant role in the design of Cities, Public Spaces and Buildings with the intention of creating public spaces that promote health, happiness, and wellbeing. We work at all scales – from the design and planning of small community projects to the implementation of strategic masterplans that [...]


Digital Fabrication


Digital Fabrication Working on iconic projects such as the UNESCO Sagrada Familia Cathedral, we have developed computational and parametric design techniques for digital fabrication.

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Algorithmic Design and Optimization


Algorithmic Design and Optimization - Algorithmic Design: Implementation of flexible design approaches and form finding processes to challenging projects to make smart, informed decisions based on real-time information to deliver optimal solutions. - Structural Analysis incl. FEM Analysis and Topological Optimization: Prediction of critical stress and deformation zones, minimization [...]

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Transition and Permanence


Transition and Permanence The vastness of the Libyan landscape is a tabula rasa for architecture. Gone are the rules which define city as boundless enterprise and instead we are inspired by nothingness. Cites and settlements are imperceptible or dormant in the wake of the mighty Libyan Sahara. Architecture in its [...]

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The British Mosque & Islamic Urban Morphologies


The British Mosque & Islamic Urban Morphologies The evolution of the mosque, both a cultural artefact and as a religious space is related in part to the socio-cultural context from which it has emerged. In Britain, the mosque has evolved in distinct stages with its early development based on Orientalist visions [...]

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Shopping The experience of the city is completely and irrevocably linked to the idea of shopping. The significance of shopping – for necessity, entertainment or as retail therapy animates and confounds in equal measure. We turn against consumerism but yet we all consume. What has yet to be explored though [...]




Pedagogy Our work on pedagogy started with our project to design a new University in Doha. The scheme provided an opportunity to explore new ways of teaching – informal, formal and semi-formal. The scheme explores the use of in-between space – corridors, nooks, garden spaces and courtyards. Transposed into the [...]




Faith MYAA’s project on faith was developed in collaboration with architects of the three Abrahamic faiths as part of exhibition for the Three Faiths Forum. The scheme proposed an urban ring of green contemplation space around London linking the symbolic faith centres of St Pauls Cathedral, Regents Park Mosque, and [...]