Marina Bandar


Marina Bandar Muscat 200,000m2 waterfront scheme with Marina near Muscat - Creation of a new Marina with residential and hotel uses

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Fujairah Fine Arts Academy


Fujairah Fine Arts Academy Fujairah, UAE The Fine Arts Academy, located on the western edge of the city centre, is close to a spectacular range of mountains to the North. The scheme is based on the metaphor of Fujairah’s natural landscape, carving out spaces amongst rock-like formations which offer [...]

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Jubail Point


Jubail Point Abu Dhabi Jubail Point is a waterside development centrally located on Jubail Island in Abu Dhabi. The site is in a nature reserve with mangroves but is less then 10km away from centre of Abu Dhabi. The Jubail Island masterplan consists of several villages one of which [...]

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Maghreb Waterfront City


Maghreb Waterfront City Tangier, Morocco The Waterfront City located in the North African Maghreb redevelops almost 2km of coastline to provide a new public realm aspect to the city supported by a mix of high quality residential and commercial space. The scheme includes a new marina, souk and retail [...]

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Pla de Marc


Pla de Marc Barcelona, Spain The scheme consists of a cluster of 15 exclusive villas set on a hilltop overlooking the sea with the City of Barcelona in the distance. The scheme is inspired by rock formations dotted around the hilltop landscape and the houses take on the soft [...]

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Eco Hotels


Eco Hotels Libya The Eco Hotel is designed as a portable system of cabins that travel to oasis and desert landmarks across the Sahara season by season. The scheme consists of three eco hotels in different locations in southern Libya. The mainly one story buildings are modular and will [...]

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Doha City Centre Phase 3


Doha City Centre Phase 3 Doha, Qatar The Mshreib scheme is a major project that consists of the redevelopment 35 hectares of central Doha. The phase 3 scheme incorporates mainly community functions including a mosque, apartments and a five star hotel. The mosque was developed as a cubic volume [...]

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Atakoy Marina


Atakoy Marina Istanbul, Turkey The scheme is located on the coastline close to Istanbul airport. The project will include a Cruise ship Sea Port, Mega Yacht harbor, marina, conference facilities, shopping mall and residential district . The scheme creates distinct development zones with superblocks phased over time. The scheme [...]

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Qatar National Stadium


National Stadium Lusail Doha, Qatar Interior design of VIP areas of Stadium for Qatar 2022: VIP entrances & areas, private & Royal family lounges. The interior design intent is to follow Foster Design Intent “create spaces that act as calm custodians between the intricate exterior of the golden vessel [...]

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Bay Mosque


Bay Mosque Jubail, KSA The competition winning mosque located on the east coast of Saudi Arabia is designed as a testament to the modernization and free spirit of a local poet. The Masjid located close to a natural bay is inspired by its proximity the sea and it resonates [...]

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