National Museum Above Station


National Museum Above Station Doha, Qatar Qatar Rail (QR) is building a world class integrated transport system with metro, light rail and associated development. Capital cost is government funded but operational costs is subsidised by revenue generated from Transport Orientated Development (TOD) on QR landbanks adjacent to metro stations. [...]

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Transport Orientated Development


Transport Orientated Development Doha, Qatar The project site is in an inner-city location which will form a key urban node in the continuing development and outward expansion of metropolitan Doha. The program identified in the highest and best use analysis provides a mix of commercial and residential accommodation adjacent to [...]

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Rincon de Loix


Rincón de Loix Benidorm, Spain The residential scheme is located on steeply inclined rocky topography and that is hard to access. The site does however offer tremendous views overlooking the seafront and main business district. The scheme consists of bespoke villas that are laid out to maximize land use [...]

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Education City


Education City Doha, Qatar The Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies [QFIS], in Doha, undertakes pioneering work in the field of Islamic studies, the Arts, Architecture and Contemporary Islamic Society. The progressive agenda for QFIS led us to explore innovative building proposals based on historical Islamic precedents. The scheme also relates in part [...]

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