Al Khobar Tower
Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

The 48,000 m2 project consists on a fifty story tower containing offices and the five star hotel, it also provides upmarket residential accommodation and large conference facilities which are located in the podium of the tower.
The shopping centre is located at ground level with the conference facilities above.
Parking and the plant room is below ground although the tower will have zone for plants at higher levels.
The tower plan is a regular rectangle, providing a simple and cost effective arrangement.
We have considered various building and façade options applicable to both schemes for improved sustainability.



The cladding module comprises of identical triangular insulated and glazed panels.
The insulated panels could include PV cells and the distribution of opaque panels will change depending on solar orientation.
Access to the hotel and conference is provided to one side of the site making access possible from both the masterplan area and the main road.
Access to the shopping and office areas is provided along the main road facing the masterplan and also from the main highway.