Avondale Park Pavilion
London, United Kingdom

The Avondale Park Amenity building for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea was won in a invited design competition at the end of 2010.
The scheme located in Avondale Park, Nottinghill, incorporates park changing facilities, public toilets and kiosk and other amenities.
The building is organised as a set of four independent conical volumes each with a distinct function and connected by an oversailing. The conical forms are related to the historic kiln and potteries that which were located in the Avondale Park area.




The porous nature of the building forms establishes a spatial ambiguity between interior and exterior space in a way similar way to more traditional park pavilions. Also important is the ability of the scheme to engage with the nearby children’s area and picnic zone by creating a playful form which encourages flow and movement. 
The scheme is also highly sustainable and incorporates a ground source heat pump, photo-voltaic cells and circular green roof discs.