Retail Store of The Future
United Kingdom

Working with Tesco, our brief was to develop a Future Retail Store which will help Tesco become a Zero Carbon Business whilst addressing also future  trends in shopping and the implication that will have on the our cities and urban centres. 
The approach is based on real and foreseeable technologies which will provide meaningful indicators for tomorrow's store.
The idea of supermarket today, though ever more sophisticated, still bears resemblance to the 1916 Piggly Wiggly ‘concept store’ in Memphis,  the world’s first ever supermarket. 
Fast forward a few short years and the global retail environment will be unrecognisable.



The impact of multi-channel retail and the gradual transformation of shopping from necessity to leisure pursuit, entertainment and perhaps even education will provide new possibilities for an immersive retail experience that will captivate the consumer.
We are no doubt on the cusp of a post-industrial revolution where technology will provide new and unexpected solutions to the seemingly everyday activity of how, where and why we shop.
The change in our behaviour as shoppers and consumers will inevitably impact on our urban centres where the idea of the shop will change from being a mere container of products, to a provider of events and happenings.