Qatar Foundation Visitor Center
Doha, Qatar

QFVC is located in Oxygen Park, adjacent to a Heritage site and Farm on the EC campus. QFVC combines the functions of a student and visitor centre, social hub and heritage museum.  The scheme is uniquely placed to mediate the ethereal space between Qatar’s future.

The scheme is in two parts; the Heritage site in the centre of the site encircled by Oxygen Park with QFVC placed on the perimeter. The interpretative Masterplan is based on a journey through time around the heritage site that also leads through QFVC. 



The journey is based on overlaid themes including Community, Arts and Crafts, Farming, Islam, Education and Future Qatar.

Our aim is to integrate heritage, not as ruins or archaeology but as lessons in community and societal organization and to place-make for the EC campus.

Through this approach, the scheme will not only impart knowledge and information to visitors, but will also contain within QFVC dynamic collaborative space where QF, HBKU, The Faculties and Partners can come together to implement inter-disciplinary thinking to support the wider objectives of Qatar Foundation.



The earthy materiality of QFVC consisting of stone, rubble, rendered surfaces and recycled materials is inspired by the inherent textures of the heritage site and the sublime landscapes of Qatar´s Zekreet.  Exterior and interior space are unified in appearance and the cave-like interior with petroglyphic display is textured in parts but set against pristine white walls for the display of artefacts.

The arrangement of spaces permits many routes and journeys through QFVC but the weight of history and weathered nature of the building is deliberately imprecise.