Cordoba, Spain

The site sits across the Gualdalquivar River from the historic centre of Cordoba.
We see its strategic value in its ability to connect the new Southern suburbs with both the River and City. The River itself has carved out, through erosion and deposition, a continuous landscape of flatlands, groves, pockets and islands. Our aim is to use the river as a catalyst for change, to create a new artificial archipelago – an urban filter between the suburbs and the city.
The site is divided into seven clusters, or city strips. Each cluster acts as a conduit, connecting a park or square in the new suburbs to the river’s edge. At the river, we have placed a chain of ‘organic structures’- an archipelago made up of individual programmed units or modules containing recreation, shopping and living. These structures are in constant evolution as modules of various shapes and sizes are added, removed or repositioned. The system will extend over time, eventually forming new bridges across the river and into the city.