Heart of Doha Mosque Msheireb, Phase 3 
Doha, Qatar

The 2500 mMosque is part of the Musheireb Phase 3 masterplan for City Centre Doha and is currently under construction.  
The scheme adopts the idea of the Qatari 'iwan' – a shaded portico space which defines the traditional Qatari mosque.
The concept is based on the idea of two interlocking ‘Iwans’ – one which is the ‘Iwan of shade’ and the other is the ‘Iwan of light’.
The Iwans form two perpendicular directional fields – the shade Iwan pointing to Mecca and the light Iwan defining and illuminating the lines of ‘saf’ for the congregation.
Both Iwans are integrated into the fabric of the mosque through the walls and roof structure of the building.



The Iwan of shade runs from the back entrance of the mosque to the front Qibla wall and is made of timber and stone.
The Iwan of light describes the ethereal qualities of mosque, the passing of time and the arrival of prayer through changing light.
Through openings in the walls and roof of the mosque, the Iwan of light creates direction for the congregation.
The intensity of light is increased towards the front Qibla wall to highlight its importance.
The Iwan of light will also radiate light from the mosque in the evenings to symbolically illuminate the Phase 3 neighbourhood.