Gellatly Road
London, United Kingdom

The site is a narrow infill space occupied by a single story garage in the Brockley Conservation Area, South London. The scheme is slotted into the garage space between a local shop and an existing Victorian house and is 2.8 m wide at its narrowest point.

In order to provide as much usable space as possible, the scheme is organised around a structural and service ‘island’ acting as the core for the house.
The floor, walls and roof of the house are cantilevered off the island, eliminating the need for perimeter structure and freeing valuable internal space.



The island also acts as a support for the stairs and kitchen.
The kitchen is wrapped and twisted around the stairs as it rises up making efficient use of the space available for work surfaces.
The house is laid out as a series of distinct ‘territories’ separated by a stepped ‘landscape’ and ‘mixing zones’ rather than by formal enclosures such as walls or partitions.