Jumeriah Department Store
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The site is located close to the Jumeriah waterfront, Dubai. Our urban approach for the development is to ensure the store makes uses of its prominent corner location and its visibility on Jumeriah Road.
The scheme considers opening up view corridors and access points from the surrounding streets and public pathways so that it is better integrated and more accessible within its urban context. The existing network of pedestrian routes also cut right through the store, creating walkways that merge with the city street pattern.
This urban approach is very much in keeping with recent developments in Dubai, including City Walk and Box Park where outdoor spaces as opposed to the hermetically sealed air-conditioned mall is popular.



The other advantage of this approach is to broaden the range of retail experiences whilst reducing AC costs.
Also important is the use of gathering points including outdoor terraces that are strategically placed around the store. Key views from upper level terraces to the seafront are also important. Store within store is another design approach which will be used. This approach will help to give identity to different areas of the store but it can also help by streamlining the refurbishment process as the store is upgraded in the years ahead.