PSH Chiatura
Chiatura, Georgia

The scheme creates a public building with a library and other functions in the Republic of Georgian village Chiatura.
The Chiatura town square is a spectacular site formed by imposing 19th Century architecture and post war rationalist buildings close to the river’s edge and with the constant backdrop of mountains.
The public square is open on one edge facing the river the area delineated by tall columns acting as flag poles. The site is complicated by the narrow space available for the development and the location of the site close to the river’s edge. Given the site conditions, the priority for the design is to maintain and enhance public access to the river without compromising the building program for The Public Service Hall.



The scheme was developed as an extension of the existing monumental colonnade. The new scheme reuses existing columns and creates a public art piazza and display space at ground level overlooking the river.
The columns also form the main building structure and cladding expressing its verticality, making reference to both the 19th century buildings and post buildings on either side as well as the mountainous backdrop of Chiatura site. In order to reduce the impact of the scheme on the Chiatura Square and to keep open views to the river, the scheme is organised as a compact five story volume placed away from Chiatura Bridge. The building rooftop will area will also provide additional public art space and it is envisaged that a ground level public café could be added close to the arts piazza.