Reims Urban Proposal
Reims, France

Like most historic cities, Reims, has grown outward from its nuclear centre, establishing ‘a hierarchy of proximity’ between The Centre and the Edge. As the city grows, its peripheries colonises Land, making the Edge ever more distant from The Centre and making The Centre remote from the Land.

The scheme proposes the implosion of the city-a reverse colonisation by Landscape. We begin by extending existing green routes established through the Project Paysager’ by the city planners. These become vast green spaces which cut into the city forming natural landscape bands.
Urbanisation and housing is placed between these bands- providing alternate strips of development and non-development. At critical junctions or nodal points we place public infrastructure such as museums and train stations. Secondary networks of walkways and cycle routes link urbanisation.
The scale of the urban proposal is extended into the scale of the individual home by providing ‘landscape modules’ cutting through dwellings and providing unexpected green voids through and in between apartments.