Riyadh KFR
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The King Fahd Road apartment scheme for Damac is conceived as a landscape of the sky – a free space, a Cloud Tower floating over the City of Riyadh.
The tower is located off King Fahd Road and adjacent to the Kingdom Tower (the tallest building in Riyadh). The scheme is placed diagonally on site to ensure that most apartments overlook both Kingdom Tower as well as Riyadh’s central commercial strip. This orientation also ensures that the tower is highly visible to both vehicular traffic and to pedestrians visiting the Kingdom Tower Complex.




The building is characterised by its soft undulating profile which is achieved by carefully sculpting the buildings floor plates and varying the height of the cladding. The soft profile provides space for balconies across the buildings main elevations.
The scheme comprises of 200 apartments located over 26 floors. The uppermost stories of the building are cut back to give a more slender profile. The upper stories will accommodate more luxurious accommodation.