Waterfront Tripoli
Tripoli, Libya

Tripoli’s shoreline close to the Bab Al Bahr hotel is delineated by Al Kurnish Road, which separates the waterfront area from the urban fabric and the Central Business District. The site was historically used as a cemetery and this in part explains the large land parcels west of Al Ma’arri St which are incongruous with the dense fabric of The Souk to the east.
The aim of the scheme is to develop a new public landscape for the city along its prime shoreline. The scheme will incorporate a new public beach, a secluded beach area for women, entertainment facilities, a new pier and jetty, museum, and sports facilities. 



Refurbishment of the nearby Bab Al Bahir Hotel and the former Palace will also be undertaken as part of the overall development.
The design concept is based on the need to create porosity and movement between the city and beachfront. To achieve this, we have provided a soft and highly permeable pedestrian edge with the city whilst maintaining vistas to and from the city.
The scheme then provides a public garden and boardwalk which slips in and out of the building zones, creating a dynamic landscape that relates well with the sea.