We are a diverse & inclusive practice
reflecting societies and cultures.

Executive team

Ali Mangera
Director, MEng Dip Arch RIBA Architect Engineer

Ali is a Director and co-founder of MYAA and he has worked on major projects around the world including The Award Winning Faculty of Islamic Studies at Education City, Doha, a Ferry Terminal and Port in Istanbul, a Community and Cultural buildings in London, an Airport in Indonesia as well as a new City of Culture on Hainan Island China, also major sports and stadium projects for The World Cup. Ali has lectured and participated in symposiums at leading institutions including UCL, The Architecture Association, Cambridge University, ETSAB Barcelona, Columbia University NY, HBKU University and The Hong Kong Design Institute. Ali had worked as a Board Member of Architecture & Design Scotland and is now Building Environment Expert for The UK Design Council.

Ada Yvars Bravo
Director, COAC

In 2007 Ada co-founded MYAA, where led key packages for The Faculty of Islamic Studies Doha, Msheireb Downtown Doha, Mayasem residential district Jeddah, KAND Smart City, and an Eco Tower in Kolkata India. Ada also worked on The Gateway Gallery Madagascar as well as a Horticultural school in Rabat. Ada was a key member of MYAA’s 2022 FIFA World Cup team where she developed concepts for three stadia including the 86,000 Capacity National Stadium where MYAA was responsible for the interior design packages. In London, Ada was responsible for The Avondale Amenity building. She is currently working on a new residential area and is leading MYAA’s computational and fabrication team for the UNESCO Sagrada Familia Cathedral. Ada has juried at various awards including WAF, AJ and others and she was shortlisted for Moira Gemmill woman architect of the year.

Artur Arias Tiell
Senior Associate, COAC

Arturo studied architecture at Barcelona ESTAB. Since graduating, Arturo has worked on public buildings, housing and commercial projects in Europe.  Arturo’s more recent responsibilities at MYAA include major infrastructure projects in the MENA region including Rail and Transport Orientated Development as well as Sports and World Cup Stadia and mixed-use developments.

Arturo has excellent delivery capabilities particularly suited to large target driven fastrack projects.

Olga Duque de Lama

Olga Duque de Lama
Senior Associate, COAC

Olga is a highly experienced architect but is also a trained psychologist specializing in human spatial awareness. Olga is a core member of the MYAA team and her unique skills in spatial awareness, perception and psychology of spatial design have been put to good use in the design and development of Health and Wellness Projects, Community led development and Placemaking.
More recently, Olga is responsible strategies related to the design of multi-stakeholder Public Realm in several cities around the world. Olga’s interpersonal skills and team management also enables her to build successful teams and deliver outstanding Public Space.


Hau Ming Tse
Senior Associate & Head of Research, Dip. Arch (Cantab) RIBA

Hau Ming is an architect, academic & educator based in New York with over 20 years of experience in practice. She was educated at Cambridge, Bath, and the AA School, London. After graduating, she worked for ten years at David Chipperfield Architects, where she was an Associate Director. Hau Ming joined at Oxford University as a research fellow and expert on the design of learning environments. Hau Ming is currently a Norham Fellow at Oxford University and acted as external adviser for the Group of National Experts on Effective Learning Environments, OECD and Department of Education, UK. Hau Ming is leading research & innovation at MYAA. Her work explores the relationship between space, perception, and the environment, focusing on productive points of interaction and innovation between theory and practice.

Victor Aylagas

Victor Aylagas
Head of Interior & Product Design

Victor is an Associate Architect since 2018, his main role is to coordinate projects both Architecture and Luxury ID. He is focused in premium developments with special requirements from client, bespoke solutions and extense coordination with consultants and suppliers. He is specialized in turnkey residential projects, where he needs to deal with VIP clients, research and contact the most qualified artists, manufacturers and suppliers from around the world and supervise the production of all the pieces as we design or customize.
Victor leads the Interior & Product Design team and also manages the London Office.

Maria Teresa Farré Carbonell

Maria Teresa Farre 
Project Manager &  Coordinator

Mite studied architecture in ETSAB, Barcelona and completed a Masters at Columbia NYC, then Project Management and PMP Certification. She worked for Rafael Moneo in the USA; she also worked in Ireland, Middle East, and Spain on retail, residential, office, mixed-use developments and master plan projects as architect/ project manager, and ID lead. She is also teaching Architectural Design at the UFM, Guatemala.

At Myaa Mite is a Senior Project Manager & Site Coordinator in charge of the the production and development of the IFC Technical package & Site Supervisor for a luxury private project we currently have in Riyadh, KSA.

Andrew Hulston
Project Manager & Coordinator

Andrew is a British Architect, since 2007 he has worked on a number of large projects in the Middle East and Azerbaijan, including, the new Salalah Airport in Oman, Al-Ameen Mosque in Muscat, the King Abdullah Financial District Project in Riyadh, and, the new Central Bank Of Azerbaijan Headquarters in Baku. For all these projects he utilised his 35 years of experience in Architecture and Construction to manage and coordinate these, and many other large projects.

Andrew joined MYAA in 2021, and is currently working as a Senior Project Manager & Project Coordinator on a new Faith Project in the Middle East.

Cristina Jorge Camacho
Head of Landscape

Cristina joined MYAA in 2021 and she leads the Landscape Architecture department. She is involved in integrated and innovative LA projects and masterplans. She studied architecture at ETSAM and is member of the IFLA Europe and Pronatur (WGIN). She was granted with LA awards such as the Grand Prix 6th SALA Belgrade and collaborated with international firms including Gillespies, Foster+Partners, Estudio Lamela and MSP. She has lectured at University of Alicante, Valladolid, Alcala and IE University and was visiting professor at GSD Harvard, TU Graz, PUC-Campinas and FAU Montevideo. Cristina also has a Master of Photography-Video.


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