Sports Club Stadium
Middle East - South Africa

The stadium is placed on a North-South FIFA compliant axis with the legacy practice pitches located to the north. The commercial and retail area thus form a continuous space along the base of the stadium from the north east to the southern edge of the site facing an adjacent sport club.  
Our approach t is to develop a scheme that is intrinsic to the urban fabric of the local context. Our proposal has emerged from our analysis and understanding of settlement patterns, clustered urban forms, the use of courtyard spaces, placement of dwellings and the complex nature of the layered city.



The scheme is related in part to the citys natural landscape including rock formations such as Zekreet which create shaded space through overhang and tapered form. The idea of shade and virtue of offering of shade in MENA culture is a profoundly important and the scheme uses shade a key feature in the form and formal projection of the stadium.
The scheme is also an intuitive urban response to th urban condition; where the fabric and dispersed urban geography of the city can in part at least be stitched together by the development as positive catalyst for change.