Atakoy Marina
Istanbul, Turkey

The site is located at Atakoy Marina, Istanbul, 4 km to the east of Atturk International Airport and 10 km to the west of Istanbul centre. The site is bound to the north by a highway which separates Atakoy Marina from the upmarket area of Zeytinlik. MYAA was appointed to develop a masterplan to determine investment strategies. The 600,000 m2 scheme consists of a high quality residential district, a mega yacht port, a two-berth cruise ship terminal, a shopping centre, refurbishment of the 5 star Sheraton hotel, conference facilities with car parking.
The concept is to create an Archipelago using water and landscape to create landmark commercial and tourist destination for the city of Istanbul.

The main challenge was the need for 300,000 m2 of land reclamation which required specialist design input from a main contractor, marine surveys and an EIA. In addition, we needed to create a single development vision for the 3 main landowners (Toki, Dati and the Turkish Government Treasury) each of whom had different priorities.
This was achieved by providing a masterplan which enabled different investment strategies for land plots including leasing, sales and phasing in accordance to specific needs of each stakeholder but within the masterplan framework.

The masterplan was developed within a sustainability framework as the basis, the scheme considered all of the key environmental factors necessary including district heating, waste management, C02 offset and much more. The masterplan itself was developed using environmental software taking advantage of natural ventilation and sea water cooling. Residential buildings are designed as green eco-towers with plants integrated into their façade treatment for CO2 offset, creating high thermal mass and reducing the visual impact in the context. Natural ventilation and airflow will also be used for cooling.