7 Clapham High Street
London, United Kingdom

At the turn of the last Century, Clapham High Street, like other High Streets was a simple a collection of townhouses with gardens facing onto a thoroughfare. The majority of the gardens were later converted to shops. High Streets across Britain have since been fossilised in this way- consisting only of identikit shop fronts with the same-banded goods distributed to the same franchised shops.  The banality of this urbanism is enshrined through unimaginative planning and land use policy and protected by conservation.


Our Roofscape project gave us the possibility to look again at the forces that have shaped the High St - to challenge these forces and to provide an opportunity to rekindle the spirit of the ‘high street garden’.
The first site on Clapham High St, adjacent to a railway viaduct, is the location for our office. The shape of the roof and the position of the glazing have been optimised acoustically to insulate the office from the noise of the railway viaduct.