Jeddah Creek Masterplan
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The scheme consists on 220,000 m2 of luxury residencies as part of a 4million m2 masterplan. The first phase of the development has 9 buildings with up to 2 buildings on each plot.
The scheme use floral concept for the cladding to differentiate building in each plot.  
The aim was the creation of a more dynamic podium where specific functions are made visible by projecting volumes off the façade. These include the upper level of the coffee shop, retail, private facilities and the inclusion of bay windows for some podium level residential units.
The project is currently on site.

The Zone C area of Jeddah Creek consists of a lake with high rise development with a retail centre alongside a Souk and residential accommodation. The scheme is an organic arrangement with green pedestrian routes and bridges linking buildings.