Melia Golf Hotel
Girona, Spain

The Golf Hotel consisting of 120 rooms, is located on the golf course of Melia. The hotel rooms are terraced to provide panoramic views of the golf course.
The brief for the competition was to design a four star golf-hotel for the Spanish hotel chain Melia and the Royal Automobile Club (Spain), in Girona, Spain.
It was clear from the beginning that a compact hotel layout with stacked floor plates would be the most commercially viable proposal. Yet, having considered the site, a vast rambling golf course, the obvious seemed less obvious.




We invented a Mowtel a “Motel with grass in place of cars”, where parking space is given over to landscape and golfers can walk directly off the green and into their bedrooms.
The hotel is mostly single storey, connected by an administrative spine, which cascades down the green. The topography enables rooms to overlap yet avoid overlooking.
The space between the rooms is a new kind of green, a semi private garden.