MYAA Heritage


Cites are living breathing entities layered with opportunities, hope, dilemmas and contradictions. People’s experiences of cities have much to with their cognitive sense of place which provides the basis for their cultural awareness and their identity.

Our work is informed by enduring values of authenticity, quality, imagination, responsibility and engagement. Our view is that people experience architecture that is genuine and heartfelt. Symbolism by itself is not sufficient to provide legacy and longevity

Our approach is to be true to the story of the places where we work in cities around the world. Our work in diverse cultural and heritage sites in London, Barcelona, Doha, Hong Kong, Tangiers, Antananarivo, Kolkata  and many more suggests that all have all peoples have a story to tell and so often these stories are overlooked and forgotten.

We appreciate and resonate in the knowledge that new architecture can merge with old and in so doing unlock new and unexpected outcomes. Ghosts of the past are welcome so long as they do not haunt our future.

Our approach is to be imaginative in the way that historical space is brought to life, thinking creatively, using the most effective means, surprising and giving delight.