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Seeb Masterplan


Smart Future City Seeb, Oman Our proposal is based on key 9 key principles adapted specifically to the needs of the project, including environmental conditions and Omani social structures. The form and layout of Al-Lubān Future Garden City is both organic in the spirit of Oman’s vernacular settlements and [...]

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Visitors Centre


Visitors Centre Doha, Qatar The scheme provides a new campus museum which is located amongst old farmhouse buildings on the Education City Campus. The form and materiality of the building is related in part to the decaying textured context of the site as well as geological formations from Qatar’s [...]

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North Harrow Cultural Centre


North Harrow Cultural Centre London, UK The 7,000m2 Community Centre project in Harrow provides Education, Exhibition and Sports facilities. The scheme also incorporates a Creative Learning Centre, Library and Conference Facilities as well as a Kindergarten. The patterned facade is inspired by the arts and crafts movement in Harrow [...]

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Identity Research


Identity The generic city and all it implies has generously provided us with a template for the global city. Activity hubs such as shopping malls, office complexes and orchestrated leisure ensure that cities are no longer places for craftsmanship or individual expression but rather spaces for an ubiquitous urbanism. Beginning [...]

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La Sagrada Familia


Sagrada Familia Antoni Gaudí’s UNESCO Sagrada Família Cathedral is a global icon that also represents the great Catalan city of Barcelona. Five generations have now witnessed the construction of Gaudi’s masterpiece and today, after almost a century and a half upon the laying the cornerstone in 1882, work on the [...]

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Suburbia We are inspired by John Bejeman’s Metroland. Our North Harrow Community centres resides within it and were it not for the electrification of the London Metropolitan Railways, suburbia and the context for our project would not have been the same. North Harrow still retains the vestiges of its former [...]


Rethinking Iconography in the Arab City


Rethinking Iconography in the Arab City Arab cities irrespective of geography and socio-political context can be explained in large part through their iconography. Icons by nature are never accidental but strategic markers that provide the narrative by which cities are explained. The value of icons both in human and building [...]

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Clusters The ad hoc organic city often generates clustered living arrangements where dwelling are superimposed in labyrinth-like three dimensional forms. This is architecture without master architects where design is devolved to family, clan, and wider social structures. Clusters are however sophisticated systems of inter-dependency where for example dwellings are interlocked as fragments in [...]




Supertall Cities are fast becoming inaccessible skylines where spires and clouds camouflage our need for public space. Supertall is a state of mind. The necessity for cities to compete is an admission that the ground has shifted, indeed failed. MYAA's own work in SUPERTALL is an attempt to reconfigure the ground- to [...]




Copenhagen UKDK Architectural Exchange 29.02.12: Sjællandsgade Bad & The Body Politic As ever the L’Étranger, our understanding of Sjællandsgade Bad is tainted by our remoteness to Copenhagen. To cleanse our thoughts and explore integration as a thematic proposal, we see Sjællandsgade not as a problem to be solved but as a [...]