Seeb Masterplan

Smart Future City

Seeb, Oman

Our proposal is based on key 9 key principles adapted specifically to the needs of the project, including environmental conditions and Omani social structures.
The form and layout of Al-Lubān Future Garden City is both organic in the spirit of Oman’s vernacular settlements and rational in terms of its organization, enabling Al-Lubān to address the needs of Oman today and tomorrow.

The site is bound to the east by urban development and to the west by agricultural land which is gradually being urbanized.
An historic wadi ran Manuma through this western edge reaching the Gulf of Oman to the North close to the Royal Palace. The landscape of the wadi is now arid.

Our aim for Al-Lubān is to create a city that is inextricably linked to Oman’s cultural heritage yet adopts innovative solutions for the Oman of tomorrow. Al-Lubān will address issues of community and cultural development using technology and new modes of living and working to create an exemplar development with global impact.

Seeb Masterplan