MYAA Placemaking


MYAA plays a significant role in the design of Cities, Public Spaces and Buildings with the intention of creating public spaces that promote health, happiness, and wellbeing.

We work at all scales – from the design and planning of small community projects to the implementation of strategic masterplans that will impact on the lives and wellbeing of many people for generations to come. Using Placemaking not as a generic tool but something that is intrinsic to our design philosophy we aim to provide better, more sustainable and community oriented space.

We participate as Building Environment Experts with many institutions including The Design Council and the UK Commission for Architecture and The Built Environment which undertakes and helps shape our Cities.

Much of our effort has in roots in work of Jane Jacobs on The Death and Life of Great American Cities and Gen Gehl’s pioneering work but our is  approach is distinct and formed by our understanding of cultural space and identity and precursors to context. As a practice then we are motivated by the idea of architecture as ´urban landscape´ and in this sense we see cities and landscape as physical, political, social, cultural and economic spaces.