MYAA Post Conflict Reconstruction

Post Conflict Reconstruction

Our objective is to develop a coherent approach to Post Conflict Planning and Reconstruction applicable in the Middle East context in the particular case of Syria and the City of Aleppo.

Our aim is to understand and identify the mechanism and process of reconstruction and to define modes for stakeholder engagement so as to implement design and delivery processes that are robust, sustainable and provide long term legacy.

We are motivated in part by a lack of coherent research in the field of architecture, urban planning and community development for post conflict reconstruction. Our aim is to widen the scope intervention beyond political and economic drivers and to consider urban fabric as essential components for peace and stability.

The need for a sensitive and focused urban approach will we believe provides the means for cohesive and coherent communities which widen stakeholder participation leading to stability and prosperity.

Inter-governmental agencies and NGO’s are preoccupied with issues of immediate concern such as shelter provision, sanitation and basic services but our remit is to look beyond the immediate and to consider medium and long term scenarios where we restore function and consider opportunities for development

Whilst war itself is an anathema to civilized society, the fact that war has taken place does in many ways provide openings in the city fabric where replenishment and redevelopment can provide improvement above and beyond the pre-war baseline condition.

Although Germany was defeated and ravaged in 1945, it benefited greatly from European Recovery Program (Marshall Plan) which provided the impetus for the reorganization of cities and urban districts leading to rapid industrialization, economic growth and sustained peace.

In this sense, peace and sustainable development in Syria will benefit Syria and neighbouring economies including the GCC through trade and investment opportunities. Conflict however terrible also provides hope and opportunity for change beyond the status quo.

Post Conflict Reconstruction
Post Conflict Reconstruction