Seeb Masterplan


Smart Future City Seeb, Oman Our proposal is based on key 9 key principles adapted specifically to the needs of the project, including environmental conditions and Omani social structures. The form and layout of Al-Lubān Future Garden City is both organic in the spirit of Oman’s vernacular settlements and [...]

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Seafront Sochi


Seafront Sochi Sochi, Russia The city of Sochi is defined is defined by its magnificent natural landscape, an abundance of green spaces within the city and the close relationship the city has with nature and the sea. It is Sochi’s natural landscape and its proximity to the sea that [...]

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Maghreb Waterfront City 2


Maghreb Waterfront City Tangier, Morocco The Waterfront City located in the North African Maghreb redevelops almost 2km of coastline to provide a new public realm aspect to the city supported by a mix of high quality residential and commercial space. The scheme includes a new marina, souk and retail [...]

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Ban Qiao Masterplan


Ban Qiao Masterplan Ban Qiao, Haynan China Ban Qiao is rural area with small settlements located on the western coast of Hainan Island, in southern China. The area will be transformed to become a global centre for culture and art incorporating fifty new museums and cultural institutes. Our proposed [...]

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KAND SmartEcoCity


KAND SmartEcoCity Jazan, KSA The 92km2 site is located on the Red Sea coast north of Jazan City close to the new airport. MYAA was appointed to provide a strategic masterplan for the site including transport and infrastructure planning. Key natural feature of the site are mangroves and wetlands [...]

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North Jeddah District


North Jeddah District Jeddah, KSA A new mixed urban district. The scheme consists 220,000m2 of luxury residencies as part of a 4million m2 masterplan. The scheme consists on 220,000 m2 of luxury residencies as part of a 4 million m2 masterplan. The first phase of the development has 9 [...]

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Hotel & Wellness Resort


Hotel & Wellness Resort Abu Dhabi 7 Stars Hotel resort consisting of a celebratory Wellness Brand hotel on a new island peninsula. The scheme also included 120 Villas, Cabins and a wildlife sanctuary on the tip of the island. The approach and methodology adopted by The Sha has received [...]

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Qatar National Stadium 2


National Stadium Lusail, Qatar First and foremost, the stadium reflects Qatari culture and identity through the creation the precious bowl formed by calligraphy and acting as an iwan open to the world. The iwan communicates to a global televisual audience the very essence of what it means to be [...]

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Academy Antananarivo


Academy Antananarivo Antananarivo, Madagascar The scheme provides nearly 98,000m2 of development for a new academy in Southern Africa. The masterplan consists of a lower, middle and high school facilities with clustered dormitory accommodation. In order to minimize costs, the buildings are gereally made of earth or locally soured brick. [...]

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Transport Orientated Development


Transport Orientated Development Doha, Qatar The project site is in an inner-city location which will form a key urban node in the continuing development and outward expansion of metropolitan Doha. The program identified in the highest and best use analysis provides a mix of commercial and residential accommodation adjacent [...]

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