Our processes is based on ISO standards
for Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety.

MYAA operates an ISO 9001 Quality Assurance and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

ISO System is accredited by The United Kingdom Accreditation Service [UKAS] for Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design and Master Planning Services. The aim of our system is to ensure that the work undertaken by our office provides design and quality excellence for our clients and a productive and supportive environment for our staff.

Our Environmental Policy aims to promote energy efficient working process setting the highest standards for sustainability for our organization. Our environmental ethos also means that we seek sustainable solutions for design projects and ensure that our clients are made aware of the need for sustainable development.

Following the initial kick off meeting with the client, MYAA will initiate our Project Quality and Environmental Management Plan to ISO 9001 and 14001. Project deliverables will be incorporated into a comprehensive work plan to be assigned to a practice director, project architect and to the office design team. To improve performance, our office is organized by work steams allotted to smaller teams with each team provided with a set of delivery targets. This will be monitored against performance indicators with overall delivery targets managed by the project program manager.

An office Director not directly involved in the project will be responsible for auditing the scheme. Submissions to the client will be verified and evaluated pre and post submission. We will act on client feedback by providing revised reports, drawings and images which will be fully co-ordinated with the design team. We anticipate client-design team video conferencing for improved communication. Our office document controller will ensure output corresponds to client CAD and document requirements and we anticipate a project document management site to be set up by the client.

Design Process

MYAA Quality

It is essential for the project that MYAA establish a strong relationship with the Engineering disciplines, which is maintained throughout the project.

The aim will be to develop a fully co-ordinated scheme with a single shared vision. This process will be managed by an office Director and the project architect. MYAA will adopt a proactive response with the client to ensure that all stages of

the submission and beyond are a cooperative process with the single aim of developing a high-quality building to clients exacting requirements. The project will be developed through our London or Barcelona office to improve day to day work arrangements.

MYAA Quality