We embed social value into our projects
with measured outcomes focusing.

Diversity is more than a Numbers Game.

Mangera Yvars Architects aims to create a workplace in which all employees and visitors feel comfortable and empowered to carry out their work in a supportive environment.

The company wishes to ensure that relationships within the workplace and among its Directors and employees are non-discriminatory and free from stereotyped attitudes and beliefs. We are committed to encourage Diversity amongst our employees.

MYAA believes that all decisions about people at work should be based on the individual’s abilities, skills, performance and behaviour, and MYAA’s business requirements. Questions of an individual’s age, gender, culture, race, ethnic origin, nationality, national origin, creed, sexual orientation,

disability, employment status, financial status, marital status, social class, colour, religion, membership or non-membership of a trade union are never relevant to its business. Issues of disability should only be considered against the particular requirements of the job.

Social Value Requires us to provide wider social, economic and environmental benefit for the clients and communities we serve.

Social Value MYAA, Mangera Yvars Architects
Social Value MYAA, Mangera Yvars Architects

Our practice philosophy is based on 3 core values of People, Planet, Prosperity.

Our approach goes go beyond the immediate question of ‘the building’, and we consider the wider social- cultural impact of architecture with measured goals and outcomes with an aim to support a just and more inclusive world.

Our methodology stems from the Beyond Net Zero and Circular Design Guides which we use as an iterative process with multiple inputs to determine stage by stage values for project specific ranked priorities.