Data Driven Design

We use Data Driven Design to help us model spaces that adequality reflect client needs, many of which are not fully understood during early project stages. The proliferation of data such as crowd modelling for the design of transport hubs or Social Media inputs that provide an indication of public mood and sentiment towards urban space and buildings also requires a robust approach to privacy whereby our processes anonymise inputs and outputs. We use Ai in projects to help determine performance of spaces or how both interior and exterior environments can be reconfigured to improve well-being or social interaction. Ai also has many uses for health and safety of built environments where behaviour modelling can predict and

for example help prevent accidents. Working with governments, institutional investors, corporations and private clients, we create architecture through critical thinking supported by social and cultural analysis underpinned by research and data. Our design process often leads us to question the myths that shape our cities, yet our steadfast aim is to unlock potential and extract value. Reconsidering our interaction with buildings and inventing new and unexpected uses, we are keen to develop smarter buildings and sustainable cities delivered within an economic and social development framework that powers communities and contributes to nation building. Architecture is not a zero-sum game because we can all be winners.

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